How to drive & more traffic to your website

Driving traffic to your website is not just for online businesses but also for brick n mortar businesses who don’t sell products or services online.

The more people that pass through your website the higher the chances of increasing the number of sales, hence driving traffic to your website becomes very important for your bottom line, increasing profits.


Content is King, make sure that the content that is on your website appeals to the type of customer you want to have or attain, by including key search engine words. Key search engine words are the words that an online visitor is most likely to type when they are looking for your type of business. For example, someone looking for an elegant blue outfit in Pretoria, should be able to find your website easily when they type in these words on the search engine if you’re selling such. Do key word research, ask your customers what words they use when search for products.


You can use these three main methods to increase your websites traffic

1. Online Marketing

2. Email Marketing

3. Social Media Marketing




You can pay for your advert to appear on various websites such as Youtube, Facebook, magazine sites, etc. for a number of times. Or you can pay for every click someone makes on an advert for your site. With every ad placement make sure you test which ads work better where and why, this will enable you to focus your money on where you will get the best return on investment.




Email marketing can be a great tool to use to keep your customers up to date with the latest specials, deals, offers, information, news etc. With email marketing you need to have the permission/consent of your recipients to use their emails to send them email marketing content. The higher than number of emails on your database the greater exposure your business gets. Use a software program that will allow you to design emails that look professional and well designed, personalizing them to your company’s brand. This will also allow you to track your emails; which emails were opened, how many recipients clicked on the links etc.




Social Media Marketing entails using various platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Blogging, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc., to increase the exposure of your business. The best thing about using social media is that it’s free. Being active on these forums increases the amount of traffic that can be directed to your site. Sharing content from your website onto these platforms links social media to your website. Customers who are interested in the content you share can view that content on your website through social media. Ensure the content posted is relevant to your customer base, by posting content that engages such as videos, quotes, infographics, relevant pics, tips, how to’s, meme’s, blogs, articles etc. Make sure you consistently post and your response time is quick, social media users can be a bit unforgiving.