Who We Are

The Oxy Incubator is an organization that aims to grow and expand SMEs to a point that they reach self-sufficiency, by being able to trade in the open commercial market and in international markets.


The Oxy Incubator was founded on the idea of meeting the ever increasing need that entrepreneurs have to be incubated and equipped on how to create and run a successful business. The purpose of the Business Incubator is to provide space and nurturing services to new and small businesses during their critical early existence. In addition to office space, the Business Incubator provides advice, technical assistance, counselling and other services on-site that are often unavailable to new or small businesses due to their cost and/or the location of their offering.

Almost anyone can be an entrepreneur, but it takes hard and smart work to be a successful one. We filter all potential entrepreneurs and incubate only the individuals who are committed to starting, running, and growing a business.

The Business Incubator operates as a Business Resource Centre where business acumen is developed using various media such as books and video/audio resources useful to the emerging entrepreneur. Seminars and other business related events are presented, during which selected topics are discussed which relate to practices, methods and procedures that are necessary to stay in business and to become successful business owners.



We assist in providing the basic necessities for businesses to function, such as compliance, business training, access to investors/funding, business opportunities, corporate identity branding and financial services...


Successful applicants will be enrolled into a three month programme, where each Incubatee's business skills are  honed. We assist businesses in  becoming market ready, find funding to start or grow their business and to access markets.

The services the the Incubation Hub offers cover a wide spectrum of business creation and development complimentary services. Our services encompass what is required to make a company successful post incubation...





 "Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life; it's about what you inspire others to do."

The key to the development of an entrepreneur

is their exposure to knowledge, and what to do with that knowledge. This can be in the form of incubation, reinforcing best practices in business management.


A mentoring relationship is fostered when an entrepreneur enrols into the incubation programme. These relationships pave the way for funding opportunities, business contracts, and even employment opportunities as the need for human resources increases in a growing business.



A Nurturing Environment

On a farm, an incubator is a warm, protected place where fertilized eggs can grow and develop under the watchful eye of the farmer until they hatch. Likewise, The Oxy Incubator is a nurturing environment where new businesses can develop and grow during those challenging first few years of existence.


All entrepreneurs are similar in having a dream of owning their own business and in their passion to follow through in creating a successful business. Hence a business incubator is the ideal next step for a home based business that wants to get out of the garage or back bedroom.

“Small Business isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s for the brave, the patient, & the persistent. It’s for the overcomer”

To provide a platform whereby Entrepreneurs can start and grow their companies successfully. We aim to continually improve and innovate the process of incubation by developing strategic alliances and partnerships where necessary to enhance the development and success of our entrepreneur's companies.


To develop companies that are part of the generation of corporates that will have played pivotal roles in uplifting and building the African economy through Intra African trade and exports out of South Africa and African Countries. And to see the companies we incubate compete on a global scale. Our long term vision is to replicate the same incubation model throughout other African Countries.

value statement

To give peace of mind to those who endevour to change their lives through business, through economic emancipation. We believe in empowering individuals and companies, turning their ideas and businesses into reputable and profitable companies. The growth of these companies is intended to enhance employment


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