Personality Test

The personality test is completed to yield a description of your distinct personality traits. In most instances, your personality will influence relationships with your family, friends, and classmates and contribute to your health and well being. This helps us and you discover your strengths and weaknesses and developmental needs.


The driving force behind administering a personality test is to open up lines of communication and bring Entrepreneurs together to have a higher appreciation for one another. A personality test will provide guidance to us of what developmental strategies will be the most effective for our Entrepreneurs.

The personality test helps you:

Identify Your Personality Style and Work Style

 Recognize your Strengths and Weaknesses

Understand Your personality at Work

Build Positive and Satisfying Relationships and Teams


Learning your personality will help you:

Understand people better

Process information differently

Communicate more effectively

Form successful partnerships/relationships


This personality test asks a serious of questions to rate your likes and dislikes. The test will then rate your personality as either a blue, green, orange or gold personality type. You may be a combination of two colours, but usually a person will exhibit one primary colour. A personality test is not a means to type cast you, but it allows us to understand the personality attributes associated with various Entrepreneurs. You will operate as one primary colour for the most part, but high levels of stress and other environmental factors can shift your personality type for short intervals. As a rule of thumb, you should recognize your strong attributes and keep in mind the attributes that irritate people.

Below are 11 questions, rank the each possible answer in each question from most like you to least like you, 4 = most like you and 1 = least like you. Fill in the answers in the table below






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Questions 1. When I make decisions: a. I do it quickly and go with the first impressions. b. I think about it, consider the options and then decide. c. I listen to my feelings and consider how my decisions will affect others. d. I take it seriously and always try to make the right decision. 2. The best way for others to show me they care about me is to: a. Do fun things with me. b. Give me space to be myself. c. Spend time with me doing whatever. d. Do what I want to do; not let me down or go back on their word. 3. When I’m with my friends, I like to provide: a. The excitement; the fun; the jokes. b. Questions; answers; a logical way of looking at things. c. Concern for others; a lot of caring. d. The planning; a sense of security; a good standard. 4. I like to: a. Act on a moment’s notice; do risky things. b. Provide answers or give thought to people’s questions. c. Help maintain a sense of harmony and togetherness. d. Be responsible, dependable, and helpful to others. 5. One thing I am really good at is: a. Acting courageously. b. Thinking. c. Being sensitive. d. Organizing. 6. Friends who know me best would say that I am: a. Competitive. b. Reserved, thoughtful. c. Emotional, friendly. d. Neat, prepared. 7. My basic approach to life is: a. To take one day at a time and have fun. b. To figure out what life is all about. c. To help others and be happy and succeed. d. To plan for the future and make it as good as possible. 8. When I am feeling discouraged or “down in the dumps”: a. I often become rude, mad, or sometimes even mean. b. I withdraw, don’t talk very much, and try to think my way out of the problem. c. I feel emotional, am sad, and usually like to talk it over with someone close to me. d. I try to figure out what's causing the problem and fix it 9. I feel good about myself when: a. I can do things that are difficult. b. I can solve problems or figure things out. c. I can help other people. d. I am appreciated or rewarded for things I do. 10. Teachers at school who saw me when I wasn’t on my best behaviour might describe me as: a. Rowdy or a little wild. b. Arrogant. c. Talkative. d. Someone who wants things my way; dominant; worrying. 11. Teachers at school (who like me and in whose class I do pretty well) would probably describe me as: a. Charming, a natural leader, clever, someone who is fun to have around. b. Thoughtful, someone who has good answers, someone who likes to figure. c. Nice, friendly, someone who gets along with other students and is helpful. d. Neat, organized, prepared, someone who does assignments and is a good.