Building Entrepreneurship

Most SMEs are launched by aspiring entrepreneurs who have had no previous experience, possibly even little exposure to a mature corporate environment. The enterprises are not planned properly, markets are not assessed, products are not commercialized, marketing is not adequate or imaginatively creative, and good corporate governance frequently lacking. There is a crisis across economic spheres due to the nature of a tight labour market and few good opportunities for employment for the annual graduating students where they can watch and learn best practices.


Business Plan competitions encourage individuals, understandably but regrettably, long-term success remains illusive. They have little access to financial products and services, little training in project management and scheduling, and are unaware of basic business practices like feasibility studies, execution plan, working processes...etc. Worse still, they are unaware of the people, networks and support programs that do exist that could be of assistance.

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."
How We Do It



So you've got a business idea or you want to turn it into a multimillion Rand company?

What Next?


How do you utilize The Oxy Incubator platform to start, better, or expand your business?


We offer resources, which are available for businesses to utilize in order to ensure a successful transition to a healthy business operational module. We are ready to assist and develop businesses by providing step by step support and guidance together with direction.



We invest in entrepreneurs in a myriad of business sectors, ranging from manufacturing, ICT, fashion and textiles, construction, consulting, industrialization, agriculture,

agro-processing, retail, legal, multimedia, hospitality, recycling, general trade horticulture, engineering, accounting & finance, energy etc. If there’s potential for the business's existence and success in the market, we seek to build and develop that company.


We assist your company by investing time, resources, and capital in your business to help it start and grow, we are able to start and take your company to a reputable level of success.


Do you have an existing business but it's pre-revenue or you have a business idea and don't know where to start?

The Process

We analyse your existing business or potential business idea, assessing the viability of the company and potential for growth

The company's corporate image is identified and revitalised to present it as a reputable brand and corporation

We facilitate and enhance the development of  business skills pertaining to the company's director(s) through practical training

We open the door for distribution and access to markets, revenues go up and the company's value increases



The typical assitance time is 3 months, with support post mentoring. Actual period of assistance is based on the company’s business plan and the time required for it to become profitable. This may be lengthened or shortened by mutual agreement or with appropriate notice by either party.

Our Strategic Departments We have a team of skilled and knowledgeable individuals who will assist in all aspects, from the companies' conception, branding, running and distribution of products and or services. The organization caters for SME needs like: Brand Development And Marketing Accounting Compliance Legal Funding Information & Communication Business Sustainability
Key aspects Statistics say that if only 5% of graduates would start business, unemployment could be reduced by 50%. How much more would unemployment be reduced by, if these graduates would hire 1, 2, or 3 more people in their company We strive to grow a new breed of Entrepreneurs who can compete nationally & internationally. Develop Entrepreneurs who are able to adapt and think strategically about the changing global market. Business owners who can grow their companies with the function of reducing the rate of unemployment. Responsible citizens who will contribute to the countries economic growth through exports. Companies who's corporate identity and branding meets international standards
Facilitation Access to Wi-Fi and Internet Virtual Office Space Pre-Booked Boardrooms Business Material On-site Assistance Business Seminars Inter-Company Network Amongst SME's Open 7 Days a Week for Business Related Activities Access to New Business Support Technologies and Software
Activities We provide “offices without walls” where incubatees can interact with facilitators and other inucubatees, enabling the sharing of information. Our incubatees will undergo business workshops, expos, seminars, business breakfast, team building and gala dinners whereby business opportunities will be presented and business networking will be facilitated. All the events that will occur are aimed solely at developing and growing the businesses of the incubatees we work with and assist. All incubates will have access to management and supporting staff when they need relevant assistance with their businesses, which also serves as one on one mentoring support.
Exit Strategy After leaving the nest the business must know how to walk on its own. During the incubation process every entrepreneur is expected to grow and continually implement what they have learned. An exit strategy is developed for every respective business to enable the company to run successfully after leaving the incubation centre. Successful incubatees have access to virtual offices and board rooms until they have established themselves in their own offices. We continually monitor graduated incubatees to ensure they run successfully and efficiently.